Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Health Insurance For Visitors To Canada

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To Buy Visitors To Canada Insurance is very important for people who are visiting Canada as tourists, students, and skilled workers or returned Canadians. It provides them with temporary emergency coverage. The new immigrants in some provinces need such health insurance too because they may be not covered in the first three months upon arrival to Canada. Such provinces are British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec.

The good news is that the new technology helps you to find appropriate travel to Canada insurance on-line as well as to buy it online too. Anyone is able to afford new medical coverage to avoid a financial risk to lose a lot of money on unpredictable treatment in case of medical emergency.

Different insurance company in Canada give you a wide list of options where you can choose the best option for your family and yourself. Unlike life insurance that should lasts for years you do not have to take cheapest option because you are paying just for short period of time. To simplify decision you may use the financial planning tools .

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If you are healthy and did not have pre-existing conditions you do not need medical exam too.

The opportunity to buy insurance on line saves you from the pressure from insurance agent. You won’t fill that insurance broker solicits you and call you at the time you just want to relax. You also can challenge the website to find out answers to all questions you may have. Of cause if you want you may call the broker to ask your questions directly.

So make your visit to Canada safe and happy!
Welcome to Canada!

Michael Arbetov, CFP, FMA

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