Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Choosing a Right Insurance Plan Using a New Online Comparison Tool

You may already know that several factors such as your age, duration of your intended stay in Canada, the amount of deductible, plan limit and whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions can affect the insurance premium amount. It sounds like it can make the process of making a right choice quite complicated and time consuming, doesn't it?
Now, Arbetovinsurance.com has released a new online comparison tool that allows you to compare up to 5 different insurance options in a single click! Most online calculators offer only price comparison, while here you can compare not only the prices for different insurance plans, but their specifications as well.

The main features you might be interested to look at can be:
– Insurance Premium – the amount of money to be paid for the insurance plan of your choice;
– Deductible – the amount of money that must be paid by the insured person, before an insurer will cover any medical expenses.
– Emergency Dental Repair and Dental Pain Relief;
– Laboratory Diagnostics and X-Ray;
– Ambulance Services and Transportation;
– Prescription Drugs;
– Coverage for Sport Injuries;

However, most people are looking for a basic insurance coverage for emergency medical care, repatriation and hospitalization among other essential benefits. Here is a tip: you may reduce the coverage cost by going with a smaller insurance company as they offer significantly lower premiums.
For example, if you don’t have any pre-existing medical issues and you only need an essential health coverage to ensure your financial stability in case of an unforeseen medical emergency, The Destination Travel Group and Travelance would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you wish to have more comprehensive insurance coverage that is available, you may take a look at Manulife and TUgo as they are among the most reputable Canadian insurance companies.

Another important feature has been added on the arbetovinsurance.com website -  Eligibility Requirements and Waiting Period comparison, so you can find out whether you are eligible to purchase a particular insurance policy as well as what would be the waiting period before you will be able to enjoy all insurance benefits offered by a plan of your choice.

Choosing the right insurance plan has never been easy. And we are here to help you. All you need to do in order to try our online comparison tool is to use any insurance rates calculator on our website and simply add those plans you would like to compare to the cart.

Please, don’t forget to read the Policy Wording before enrolling to find out the full list of Insurance Benefits, Eligibility Requirements and Waiting Period details.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Super Affordable Super Visa Medical Insurance For Parents And Grandparen...

One year term medical insurance from Canadian insurance company is needed to get Super Visa to Canada for Parents or Grand Parents. The immigration law regarding Super Visa was published in November 2011 when average waiting period for parent sponsorship immigration was about seven years. Super Visa law allowed parents to stay in Canada for up to two years term and visa to Canada is open for 10 years.

Super Affordable Super Visa Insurance Online

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Manulife Super Visa Insurance Visitors Canada Medical Insurance

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Arbetov Insurance Greeting 2013

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Super Visa Insurance - Страхование родителей для получения супер-визы в ...

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TIC Visitors Canada & Super Visa Insurance @ Arbetov Insurance Website

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Travel to Canada with Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance

Travel insurance is an essential component of any trip abroad and you should make sure you have arranged cover before you travel. There are just so many plans to make when you are going to a foreign country for a holiday, to study or as an immigrant. Knowing where to find the right medical insurance deals and getting value for money can also be a minefield to navigate. Medical insurance is also needed for returning Canadian nationals, tourists, foreign workers and visitors.

Medical insurance is mandatory for new immigrants in the following 4 provinces of Canada: Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and New Brunswick. Different medical insurance providers will have differing levels of cover and they will also charge differently. Price quotations are generally not guaranteed and may change; the only way to be sure is to buy your insurance early. It is highly recommended that you purchase your insurance cover before you travel.
This will mean you are covered from the moment you land on Canadian soil, although some insurers will have waiting period before cover commences.

 Why is it important for you to have medical insurance before you arrive in Canada? 

  • Medical insurance will protect you from unforeseen costs incurred if you fall ill or get injured. 
  • You will get reimbursement for any medical related costs incurred before your cover kicks in. 
  • You and your family are protected against huge medical bills if anyone is to fall ill. 
  • You have a peaceful holiday and do not have to worry about any medical related costs. 

So how do you know where to go for the best medical insurance quotation and pricing?
This article will provide the information relating to obtaining the best price around for you insurance. There are specialised companies who will provide a medical insurance quote service such as Arbetov Insurance.

Price comparison websites allow you to make an assessment of various insurance offers. Analyse their terms and conditions to decide which provider provides adequate cover. What are the advantages of using a medical insurance quotes calculator? A medical insurance quote asks about your general health and provide you with a price for the cover you seek.

You may also need to provide different details on where and when you will be travelling, how many other family members are travelling with you, and the names of everyone who requires cover. The answers to these questions are all factors which will determine the quote you get for your cover. The medical insurance quote is a very useful service that gives you the option to personalise the type of cover you want for you and your family.

It is always important to fully understand the terms and conditions of any medical insurance product you purchase. This is to prevent a situation where you are faced with an emergency and the health insurance cover you purchased does not cover you adequately.

I hope this article clearly covers the need for medical travel insurance in Canada and how and where you can get medical health insurance from. It also covered the reasons why you should get insurance cover as well as providing some guidance on how a medical insurance quotes calculator works.

I cannot really stress enough why it is important to have medical insurance cover as many holidays have been ruined just because people did not take out insurance cover. The recommended providers for insurance for travellers in Canada are Arbetov Insurance and Super Visa Insurance. For all your travel and medical insurance cover these great companies will be able to assist you.

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